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Scott Alexander (he/him) is a freelance still photographer based in Vancouver who specializes in entertainment, documentary journalism, lifestyle, and events, with a special appreciation for live music. While Scott first started playing around with photography in high-school, he took a few years off after graduation, and it wasn’t until 2007 when he picked it back up and started a semi-serious go at getting back into the swing of things. Since then, he has photographed around 1500 individual sets for bands of all shapes and sizes. His work has been featured online and in print in many publications across the world, from Canada, Finland, Japan, Germany, and Mexico.

In addition to his work in the live music world, Scott also has a penchant for street photography, aka ‘documenting the human condition’ and also founded a creative agency, Baker Street Creative in 2019 to help small and medium sized businesses and artists big and small navigate the modern internet and social media services with photo and video content, and to connect them with marketing and press agencies to further their goals

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portfolio – street photography

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