I usually let my work speak for itself but here is what some of my clients have to say about it

Scott is a fun guy to shoot with, he makes you feel pretty comfortable. Five minutes into the shoot he started playing music and having fun. He’s a really easy guy to work with that way. After the shoot when I saw the product, he pays good attention to detail. What he told me he was going for and what I saw afterwards fit the vision I had in my head

– Red1, CEO – Killwatt Records

Scott is great to work with. He’s amiable, efficient, and finds a good balance of his own artistic vision and what the client wants. I really enjoy working with Scott because I know that he will deliver great pictures in a timely manner. He’s creative, dedicated, and has a fresh approach to every project.

– Amalia Nickel – Managing Editor, HipHopCanada

Scott’s attention to detail and his ability to get inside your personal are uncanny. He takes that intuition and translates it through his camera. I actually got kicked in the face by his shots! Brilliant!

– Joel Parent – Vocals/Guitar – Ninjaspy

There are very few people that are born to be great at what they do and Scott is one of them. He has a very passionate eye for photography, and I came to realize that the first time I went to his studio and saw the many cameras in his collection and his knowledge about everything from film to digital. I always look forward to working with Scott. There is no telling what amazing imagery he’s going to catch of you on stage or studio. He seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to capturing those split second perfect little moments during a performance that even the audience doesn’t see.

– Trajikk – Vocalist/MC – H.N.I.C

Easy to work with and even easier to deal with. Great work comes back and fair prices to boot! Always seem to get more than you pay for

DJ Temple – Guitarist – Without Mercy

Scott Alexander is our ‘go-to guy’ for photos in Vancouver. Totally reliable and delivers a superb quality product every time. He shoots to kill!

Roger Cranford – Guitarist – Magnus Rising

Scott captured the passion behind my movement in the dance shots taken of me on a video shoot. Simply looking at the shots I can sense each emotion my body was moving to throughout the day. He is a true talent!

Calena Britch – Dancer – Justin Bieber/SYTYCD Canada

Scott is an amazing photographer with a fantastic and humble work ethic that always gets several incredible shots. From shows at the Commodore to an orchestral studio session at The Warehouse Studio in Van. Scott has been there to capture the crucial moments in a brilliant, and dynamic fashion always going above and beyond. I highly recommend.

Remi Huot – Vocalist/MC – Cityreal