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I picked up two drives last week to re-backup all my photos. Since I am in the double digits of Terabytes, most clouds are just not for me. I wanted the slim drives specifically, and Seagate was the only one offering this size of drive in 4TB models right now… These are going in the safety deposit box I got at my bank.


I found a great deal on these little guys at Bestbuy (They’re also on AMAZON – Seagate Backup Plus 4TB External Drive USB 3.0 – Black – Well under $200 CDN.

The only thing is, they don’t make any soft case for these, and anything with a bit of heft to it was going to make the drive too big for the bank-box.

This is where the 2mm craft foam comes in (Dollar store) and some faux-leather I have been holding on to for a while (for another upcoming project)


I actually drew the pattern directly onto the foam, but when I realized I needed to do another one, I traced it onto paper.


It’s not pretty, and it wasn’t exactly perfect, but it was mostly just a proof of concept or prototype at this point.


I picked up this faux-leather a while back and have other plans for it.  I have a fair sized roll of it for about $8


Super 77 is amazing.  I am really glad it didn’t melt the foam.  Cured almost instantly after spraying and leaving it to dry a few moments before sticking it together.


Truing up the edges.  I originally gave the foam design a little extra leway when drawing it for this reason.


Again with the glue.  This time around we go with the Gorilla.


Scoring the foam to help it bend.


Coconut buttons, embellishment.  Silly. $1.25 for a bag of them.


More dollar store, two long rolls of velcro. I pulled them off and straightened them eventually


Moment of Truth..


Super snug.  I folded the flaps in to help mold their shape


If you do something i’s worth doing right.  I peeled these off and re-set them. Properly.


Button for good measure.

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