Concert: Marilyn Manson at The Queen E Theatre

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I was never the huge fan many others were, as in I never dressed goth-y as a response to his music, but I always appreciated what the shock rocker was capable of doing to society. The man is quite intelligent, and plays his character amazingly well. I was happy to have gotten credentials to shoot the show for ABORT Magazine

ABORT ran this one with the article on the show.

Not usually a fan of red concert light, but this one is definitely an excpetion.

People use filters to get their photos looking like this, but all you need is some LEDs / some lucky light

I stood in one spot with two cameras (plus a RICOH GR1s for fun) and took 77 photos. This was one of the last. I hardly ever chase talent around the stage because I know if I stay still and be patient I will get the shot. Stay one step ahead and you wont be one step behind.

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