Event: Geroy Simon charity signing event

I had the honour of shooting a charity event this last week involving former Lion Geroy Simon who is going to be embarking over the mountains, and across the plains to Saskatchewan, where he will be playing from now on with the Sask. Roughriders. As sort of a going away, he worked with Pastime Sports and Games in Langley. Geroy is probably one of the classiest athletes I have ever met, and Lion or Rider fan alike got along in his honour. Something that is not always possible…

I made this frame of Geroy last year at another signing event for charity.


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Street/Event: Annual February 14th Women’s Memorial March

One of the things I look forward to the most every Feb 14th isn’t Valentines day as I don’t need a holiday to love my special lady more (seeing as every day I should be doing that), but the Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women from the Downtown East Side of Vancouver. It’s a very powerful event, and I am honored to have been a part of it through my camera three of the last four years. It’s one of those days that you can tell lifts a heavy burden off the shoulders of survivors, and fills the hearts of friends, family members of the DTES women, and a large contingent of complete strangers intent on showing their solidarity. I’ll end on that, and let the photos speak for themselves.


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Event: Hockey Day in Canada at the Richmond Olympic Oval

The city of Richmond played host to the second annual Hockey Day in Canada, February 9th 2013 at the Olympic Oval. I didn’t know about it last year, but after being approached by two local entrepreneurs to make photographs during the show, and of special guests Pat Quinn and most notably, Guy ‘Le Demon Blond’ LaFleur, I was hooked. The event was fantastic, and I am looking forward to what next year will bring.

It was my first time in the oval, and I must say – the ceiling is beyond amazing.


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Film: Borrowing a Ricoh GR1s

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Unfortunately, about a month ago my M6 TTL had a little bit of a problem, and the rewind knob has come loose, rendering the camera pretty much useless until I can get it fixed. I was lucky enough to borrow a cool little (very little) camera from a fellow shooter here in Vancouver. The Ricoh GR1s is a small point and shoot film camera with very few options, so I didn’t know what to expect. I can assure you though, what they say about good things in small packages is very true.

Another frame of Marilyn Manson, shot for ABORT Magazine. One of four frames I tried shooting at the show. The others weren’t usable, but only because of motion blur from Manson, and not the camera. There was strobe lights going off every second during the one song we could shoot.


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Concert: Marilyn Manson at The Queen E Theatre

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I was never the huge fan many others were, as in I never dressed goth-y as a response to his music, but I always appreciated what the shock rocker was capable of doing to society. The man is quite intelligent, and plays his character amazingly well. I was happy to have gotten credentials to shoot the show for ABORT Magazine


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Archive: Fashion over the years

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I always take looks through my modest archive when I get comments on really old photos on good ol’ deviantART or facebook, and I figured since I don’t really have any of the fashion journalism I shot back in the day up anywhere, I should put together a blog.

A moment between model and camera during the opening of Vancouver’s Billabong store.


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Street Photography: Low ISO film in the winter

I’m currently out of film. I dug around at the bottom of the fridge this weekend and pulled out my last two rolls. A 36exp roll of Efke 25iso, and A 24exp roll of Ilford FP4+. I was definitely hoping for a nice bright day last saturday to shoot them, and thankfully I was rewarded with a nice and bright, yet slightly foggy (good for reflected light, I suppose) day in Vancouver

For me there is something about people smoking, and people looking at maps. I got the best of both here ; )


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