Event: Rememberance Day 2013

Finally, the M6 which I sent out to Kindermann eight months ago is finally back. It didn’t take him that long to finish working on it, but it was an expensive fix, so now that its back in my hands, I got right to using it. First up, two rolls of Neopan, most of which I shot at The Vancouver Remembrance Day Celebrations, with a few outside shots to get used to it again.


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Portrait: The pipe maker

When I was first getting into street photography, and truth be told back into photography after a short hiatus in the early 2000s, I took my old Konica SLR with kit lens and expired Minolta film down to the DT East Side often, taking portraits and capturing some unique insights into the people who live and work there. In this case, an elderly man who may be long passed away now, some 7-8 years later. He sat quiet, carving pipes with a dollar store x-acto knife.

“I also fix watches, but I prefer to work with wood”


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Street: Car Free Day on Commercial Drive

I’ll be honest. It has been a long time since I dusted off the D300 for street photography. I’ve primarily been shooting digital for commercial work only, and most personal projects with film, but I decided to just take it easy and capture some street frames on a camera I may have been ignoring for ‘fun’ work over the last two years.


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Street: Italian Day on Commercial Drive, plus more!

Italian Day on Commercial Drive is one of the few times a year that they shut down the busy street to cars in favour of hundreds and thousands of people, families, hipsters, and photographers.  The event focuses on Italian heritage prevalent in the area, thus you are able to take in all sorts of pastas, deserts, and other italian dishes at the many food carts, booths, and restaurants.


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Street: Messing around some more

I’ve been sitting on these rolls for a while as I have been working on a few other projects, but that being said, they still aren’t that old. Shot about a month ago to present, They basically represent a slow late April and early May. I am hoping to have only one more roll through the GR1s before my M6 is back after being freshly CLA’d and repaired. I can’t wait.

Curious looks


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