Street: Italian Day on Commercial Drive, plus more!

Italian Day on Commercial Drive is one of the few times a year that they shut down the busy street to cars in favour of hundreds and thousands of people, families, hipsters, and photographers.  The event focuses on Italian heritage prevalent in the area, thus you are able to take in all sorts of pastas, deserts, and other italian dishes at the many food carts, booths, and restaurants.

Giant Baguette.

Stevie G

The street was packed about a mile or two kilometers straight down.

Happy Kids

Bored watching what I assume was his wifes dog ; )

I didn’t take a LOT of photos that day, but had some others on the roll from earlier, which are also below as a bit of a bonus…


Robson St.

Needing directions.

Commercial drive shoes

Hey man, hurry up and get back here

Another Lonely dog

Just like last ‘episode’, I will finish off with a shot of Cherie getting her phoenix touched up.

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