Travel: Mexico – Resort Wedding at Moon Palace

What a great trip to Mexico for Zavina and Manny’s wedding. The photos are still being worked on, so I’ve only shared a few of my non-wedding-event photos of the resort for now. It was definitely a lot of fun, and I look forward to going back with another great couple, which is bound to happen soon!  I highly recommend the stay here.


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TRAVEL: A Day in Kelowna

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Only the second time I have been able to tag ‘Travel’ for a blog post since I’ve been running this site, and it was but a day trip. I have to say I found Kelowna a tad bit boring, but perhaps I didn’t spend enough time there. It was a good trip, though, as I got to spend it with the girlfriend.


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Big City of Dreams – New York in a minute.

I had the honour this past summer of being a part of a conspiracy to throw a surprise vacation for my photographer roommate Bryan Mollett as part of a TV show titled ‘Operation Vacation’ from a studio here in Vancouver. Everything went off without a hitch, and we sent Bryan off on the trip of a lifetime, with me in tow.


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