Film: Borrowing a Ricoh GR1s

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Unfortunately, about a month ago my M6 TTL had a little bit of a problem, and the rewind knob has come loose, rendering the camera pretty much useless until I can get it fixed. I was lucky enough to borrow a cool little (very little) camera from a fellow shooter here in Vancouver. The Ricoh GR1s is a small point and shoot film camera with very few options, so I didn’t know what to expect. I can assure you though, what they say about good things in small packages is very true.

Another frame of Marilyn Manson, shot for ABORT Magazine. One of four frames I tried shooting at the show. The others weren’t usable, but only because of motion blur from Manson, and not the camera. There was strobe lights going off every second during the one song we could shoot.

Every time I see this guy I sit and watch him for a bit, and give him some change when I can

Late night, lonely Starbucks.

Granville street, Tuesday night. I’m impressed with how well the camera shoots at night. This is only 400iso film. Being so light it’s easier to hold on to without shaking.

My lovely girlfriend posing in the Granville street skytrain station.

All in all, I think the camera, or one similar to it has a permanent spot in my camera bag sometime in the near future. It’s fantastic for being a little more stealthy when needed. If only it were a tad quieter when winding to the next frame of film.

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