Concert: Madchild’s Dope Sick Tour

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It has already been a little bit of a slow year for concert photography. For me at least. When I took over as Editor of ABORT Magazine I knew that I would be spending the majority of my time behind the scenes, as my staff are deserving of most every show, and while I have wanted to shoot some recent ones, I know it’s not in my best interest to snag all the good stuff for myself. That isn’t to say I won’t be looking at alternate arrangements to get back out there shooting, but for now – It will be the few shows that I really really want.

Starting off the night was Vancouver local (in fact the whole tour was locals) Cityreal. Cityreal has an uncanny ability to open a show to a packed floor. I have honestly never seen loyalty to an up and coming act that I have from his fans, on two occasions now.


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Film: Self developing black and white film at home

I’ve had the darkroom gear that I have needed to do my own processing at home for over a year now, but I never really gave it much of a thought until just last week when I finally picked up some chemicals and decided I would do it myself. Realistically, once you get over the fear that you’re going to mess up your images, its as simple as can be.

Beyond simple actually. Just a little measuring and mixing and you’re gold. I figure I will share a few frames from the first three test rolls I shot and processed.


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Film: Rememberance Day 2012, Vancouver B.C.

I quite honestly haven’t been shooting street a lot late fall into winter, so my last full roll was exposed last Rememberance Day, Nov 11th 2012. I scanned it last night, and wanted to share some of my favourite frames.

The streets were basically dead, but those few businesses who were open early had a steady stream of customers.


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Hockey Hall of Famers: Event Photography, Pastime Sports and Games

With NHL hockey finally getting back together, it seems like a good time for a nice hockey related blog, but free from all the whines and bothers of modern hockey, I figure I should share some images of players who made quite a bit less than one tenth what the athletes today make. I’ve worked with Pastime Sports quite extensively over the past few months, and a little in the past, however these last few months have been some of the best for shooting I’ve had. I have the opportunity to meet and photograph some of the best hockey players who ever lived. As of the writing of this post, the most recent was Hall of Famer Henri ‘Pocket Rocket’ Richard, the younger brother of Maurice ‘The Rocket’ Richard. Henri, at age 76 is as full of life as anyone I have ever met.

Henri Richard signing a scale model Stanley Cup with the dates he won it. Henri holds the record for more cups than any other player, earning them all with the Montreal Canadiens. The total stands at 11, and won’t likely be a record soon broken.


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