Portrait: A very DEXTER Halloween

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A busy Halloween afternoon playing host to two sets of neighbors, one tiny wee mouse, and one deranged psychopath, who was dressed like Dexter! Dexter here is my roommates brother and is a big fan of the franchise, so in recognition of a great series that ended a few weeks back, he donned the kill outfit.

A little bit of an homage to Jill Greenburg and her Dexter promotional shots, even though I am not a huge fan of her super contrast work, it has its moments.


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Event: Guy LaFleur – October 2013

It’s been almost a year since I last photographed Guy LaFleur, and this year saw nearly three full days with Mr Flower. Guy is a one of a kind soul, who recognizes that it was not only his skill, but his fans that made him a star, and he treats them with the same amount of respect that they show him. Always happy to work with Guy. I shot mostly video this time around, so scroll to the bottom for the 3:00 feature I put together!


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